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Sleep {well}


A combination of herbs and Magnesium that are traditionally used in Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine to:

  • Induce sleep
  • Relieve disturbed + restless sleep
  • Relieve symptoms of mild anxiety
  • To Calm the mind and reduce irritability
  • Relieve restlessness/excess nervous energy.
  • Reduce sweating
  • Relieve headache symptoms
  • Calmative/nervous system relaxant
  • Boosts the body’s melatonin naturally (does NOT contain melatonin)
  • Can help to reduce anxiety at night and during the day. More energy to get on with your day when you sleep better. Better weight management and less cravings due to better quality and duration of sleep. Falling asleep quicker and staying asleep

    Active ingredients per 1 Capsule: (2 capsules required)
    Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa (Zizyphus spinosa) ext. dry conc. 100 mg, from seed dry 5 g.
    Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy) ext. dry conc. 25 mg, from flowering dry 750 mg.
    Passiflora incarnata (Passion flower) ext. dry conc. 20 mg, from herb dry 2 g.
    Magnesium glycinate 750.21 mg, equiv. Magnesium 105.75 mg.
    Lavender oil 40 mg.

    60 tablets


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