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Scar Concentrate


Soften and minimise the texture and look of scars. Combat uneven pigmentation with four high potency forms of stable, deeply penetrating Vitamin C, including Vitamin C THD – 50x more effective than L-Ascorbic Acid.

A complex of 26 bioactive superfruits and antioxidants improve the formation of new tissue by increasing cell turnover and encouraging collagen production.

Applied anywhere on the face or body, the non-irritating bi-phase formula intensely nourishes, rebuilds, reduces inflammation and fades stretch marks with powerful botanicals.

Plant stem cells and nature’s retinol bakuchiol penetrate to boost elastin production – repairing the appearance, improving form and giving movement to scars.

Ingredients – 4 Forms of Vitamin C – Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Gotu Kola, Kakadu Plum, Pineapple Enzymes, Plant Stem cells, Rosehip, Licorice, Frankincense

30ml 1fl.oz


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