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Experience Set


Terra Tonics Experience Set is the perfect introduction to the world of Terra Tonics.

See and feel unparalleled results from using this set. This will be your first foray into the possibilities of what good skin care harnessing the power of plants can do for you and your skin.

The set comprises of:
Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration 5ml
Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration is a pure plant antioxidant complex derived from a single botanical to deliver unparalleled targeted hydration. Its unique feature works seamlessly and symbiotically with your biology, helping to repair your skin barrier and adjusting its water retention based on the humidity of the air. Your skin will never look too wet or dry out. It will be just balanced which makes Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration ideal for any climate.

Terra Tonics Clean Collagen 5ml
Clean Collagen directly addresses collagen loss. A world leading innovation in plant based skincare, carefully combining natural retinol with potent collagen promoting compounds derived from pure plant extracts. Each ingredient is 100% bioavailable and meticulously chosen to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production. Helping to restore its structure and reducing fine lines while repairing your skin at the cellular level to leave you with a plump and radiant complexion.

Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser 5ml
Powerful Mineral & Botanical Blend. Terra Tonics Elemental Cleanser is revolutionary. It is a lightweight, undiluted powder to foam cleanser designed for daily use. The Elemental Cleanser’s high antioxidant blend is also designed to carefully and effectively dissolve the bond between dead skin cells and the skin while leaving necessary oils intact.

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