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Cod Liver Oil Capsules


Contains 100 percent naturally occurring nutrients, like vitamins A and D, and a full spectrum of omega fatty acids, including Omega 3 EPA and DHA. No synthetic vitamins added in.

Rosita uses a rare, generations-old technique that naturally releases the oil quickly.

Rosita catches their own fish. The sustainable practice is hook and line on the family’s own fishing boat off the coast of Norway.

Every batch is tested and meets strict European regulations.

Refrigeration not required.

Each softgel contains wild and raw Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil.A small amount of rosemary oil and vitamin E is added in the form of mixed tocopherols. The vitamin E that is used in this product is a full spectrum vitamin containing alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherols. The source of vitamin E is a non-GMO Sunflower extract from Denmark. The ingredients that constitute the softgels are fish gelatin, purified water, glycerin.

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