Bliss Adaptogenic Elixir 40 Serves + Small Canister


Bliss Elixir:
Bliss is a potent adaptogenic blend of Ayurvedic herbs formulated for calm, stress reduction, performance and optimal health.

Made to have a calming effect on the nervous system and assist in pacifying an over-active mind ~ Bliss is designed to support healthy energy levels throughout the day but can also be taken before bed for a deep restful night’s sleep. It is also helpful for restoring calm during any stressful situation.

Ashwagandha | Yashtimadhu |  Kali Musli | Amalaki | Guduchi | Brahmi | Mustaka | Usira |Svetachandana | Mandukarpani | Arjuna | Tulsi |Pearl


Small Canister:

Cut down on waste with this small, but beautifully designed, machined brass canister with laser etching to match the incredible quality of the herbs inside.

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